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    Visit to Evergreen Farm

    Visit to Evergreen Farm to taste strawberries

    14 members of TiES visited Evergreen Farm, Tampere Lielahti.
    At this time there were also members outside from TAMK.

    Evergreen Farm Oy is an agricultural technology company that produces the most advanced and efficient climate-controlled vertical farming system, known as the Direct Feed Vertical Hydroponic (DFVH) system.
    They offer a reliable year-round output, as well as the ability to produce in-demand non-native vegetables at extremely affordable prices.
    Their DFVH (Direct Feed Vertical Hydroponic) system is not only cost-effective, saves land area and manpower, but also maximizes production and improves produce quality.
    The mission of Evergreen Farm Oy is to fundamentally transform agriculture by implementing the technologically advanced DFVH system throughout the world. Thus, improving crop production while encouraging responsible, innovative farming methods that protect the environment and educate the community.

    The founder of Evergreen Farm Ami Amirlatifi was also speaking at TAMK’s IoT-seminar 19.4.2018

    Thank You , Ali

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