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TiES (old version = EIS in Brief)


The new name of our organisation is Telecommunication an Electronics associaton (TiES) and the old name will disappear during coming days. The Finnish Society of Electronics Engineers was the leading organization of electronics professionals in Finland. The new society shall continue supporting the development of the Finnish telecom- and software innovations, research, design, production and services. This is done by educating and developing the members of the society through publications, conferences, technical committees as well as public and local activities. Co-operation with other organizations in Finland and abroad is emphasized.


Our society was registered already (1926) in the early days of radio communications under the name The Society of Radio Engineers. Today we are about 1000-member organization, growing steadily but far below its potential, when taking into account the revolutionary changes and the importance of the software- and Telecomm electronics industry in Finland. We have formed special sub-groups for local activities, senior meetings and technical discussions.


The personal members represent all important branches of the electronics industry, trade, education and authorities. Young student members become regular members after graduation. The society includes also company members, which support TiES activities and in turn have advantageous opportunities provided by the membership.

Activities today

Monthly company visits, courses and seminars form an important part of the activities. Special meetings are organized for electronics professionals annually, often in connection with an electronics fair. At these meetings we have an opportunity to grant awards, prizes and scholarships to engineers, senior or junior researchers and students. We also offer discount prices to members subscribing to suggested journals and services.

How to contact us

TiES Office, P.O.Box 106, FIN-00211, Helsinki, Finland
Telephone: +358-44-3473 872
E-mail: ties (at)